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Pros and cons of consolidating loans

Keeping track of several different student loan payments, on top of many other bills, can be frustrating. Many private lenders even offer a discount APR if you enroll in automatic payment withdrawal.

This option saves you a small amount of money each month, and it helps you never to forget a payment.

There is a way to consolidate just your federal loans together with a Direct Consolidation Loan, but this might also disqualify you for special repayment of forgiveness plans.Once your cosigner is released from your loan, they will even experience a higher credit score and have the ability to access new lines of credit.It is very unwise to consolidate your federal and private loans together.As soon as a new lender approves the refinance, your repayment process begins right away.With many student loans, you can delay payments while you are still in school or when you enter a graduate program.

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When you apply for loan refinancing with a private lender, the private lender is essentially consolidating and refinancing your student loans.

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