Onion personals dating

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Onion personals dating

That would make a pretty appealing dating profile, right?Should probably throw in that you also enjoy fun…you know, just in case there is someone out there who doesn’t. Have you ever seen any real dating sites that seem so obscure you can’t imagine who would actually use them?Despite the competitive advantage conferred by niche markets, big data-driven dating clearinghouses may be the way of the future for much of the online dating industry.“Strategically, bigger is best,” says Brooks, industry analyst and editor of .

Naturally, you assume that you’ll be connected to other lovers of the publication known for headlines such as “Kitten Thinks of Nothing But Murder All Day” and “Study Reveals Babies Are Stupid.” Instead, your profile is entered into a much larger database — consisting of some 1,422,000 users — and you’re paired up with another single who signed for the same service, but through another site, “If you consider what would be the perfect model for an Internet dating site, in theory it would have all the people in the world who are single on it, and you could find your perfect match within a day’s work.” A single major U. service that controls more than 50% of market share is “inevitable,” Brooks says.In theory at least, a bigger pool means more happy matches, even if they’re from unlikely sources.I don’t see anyone writing love songs about meeting in the break room and sharing a dollup of Coffeemate. Some are very useful, and some are extremely unique.Rarely is anything so cute as my parents who actually met at a laundry mat. I love the rise of niche sites because it means people with every bizarre inclination can seek out others who are like them.

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That’s up substantially from five years ago and is likely to climb higher.